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July 2024

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About the Club

The Club is a place where you can be you. It celebrates the unique experiences and perspectives each person brings, creating an environment where being genuine is honoured. We believe in strengthening our members by building their confidence and providing ongoing learning opportunities. It’s about helping women gain the belief in themselves and the skills they need to flourish both personally and professionally.

The Club Women’s Network is a network for women who own their own businesses but The Club is more than a network, it is a learning and support hub. We foster collaboration over competition, participation over pitching.

We offer members opportunities to be more visible:

The Club Women's Network brand badge

The Club is a community of diverse women on the same path, behind you, beside you and ahead of you, providing peer to peer support.

The Club Womens Learning and Support Network was recognised as a social enterprise in 2023 and is run by an amazing voluntary board and committee.

Upcoming Events

12th June - The Club Coffee Morning

10am - 11:30am Hotel Woodstock, Ennis

A morning of networking and introduction to the club.

13th June - The Club Networking Breakfast: Business Smarts

7:20 - 9:30am Republic of Work, Cork

A networking breakfast with like-minded businesswomen, and a talk on navigating setbacks to success w/ Emma Coffey from Final Bend/

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Annual Membership - €350

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in a number of ways

The Clubhouse Podcast

Join us in The Clubhouse for some lively conversations with some amazing women who have their own businesses. Hear about their business story, each one is unique, learn what inspires them & what motivates them. Listen in and learn from the women who have travelling this road, their learnings, and the wisdom they openly share.

At the Club House Podcast we aspire to having energetic but natural conversation where we will discover how our guests came to be in business and what keeps them motivated and driven to keep achieving their goals.